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Election 2016 was a thoroughly nerve wracking experience, and we needed a place to unwind. This blog that we created  pays homage to that place.  After Nov. 8, 2016, we are finding that we need this type of outlet even more.

Afterdark is an online space for progressive Democrats looking to keep themselves informed and talk politics in a friendly atmosphere with pleasant distractions such as recipes, music, drinks, and more. That’s why we refer to it as an “online lounge.”

Originally, we had hoped that it would continue to offer distractions well beyond the 2016 election, with the knowledge that we had a Democrat in the White House.  Going forward, we’ll still need those distractions, but we will also need a venue to express our thoughts about the future path for Democrats, to  advocate for better policies, and also … for #resistance.

Afterdark is jointly hosted by Jack Runyan and Hawaii Delilah.

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The Afterdark logo and banner were created by  Vivre Luxe .  We’re eternally grateful for her creative talent.

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