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Wine Review: Hope and Grace Merlot (there’s a political analogy)

Hawaii Delilah, Nov. 4, 2016

I was chatting with friends about some of my favorite Napa Valley wines and found myself being reminded of the 2011 Hope and Grace Merlot.  I want to note that Hope and Grace is one of my favorite boutique wineries in the Napa region. There is something to love in all their wines.  In this case,  I am looking at the 2011 Merlot.  Of note is the fact that it spent 22 months in French Oak and only 10 barrels of this wine were produced.


Ruby red in hue, this medium-bodied wine features fruit forward flavors of black cherry and blueberry, and is warmed by brown sugar and honey accents. Before one can be lulled into a sense of complacency on the palate, one’s senses are sparked by hints of pepper and spice, along with surprising aromatic intimations of bay leaf, rose, and violet. The base notes of chocolate and tobacco make it clear that the Hope and Grace Merlot embodies substance.
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